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Tommy Danvers

CCO, Originator and Founder - TokenTraxx

TommyD is an award-winning, multi-platinum selling Music Producer, Songwriter, Artist, DJ, TV Presenter and Public Speaker. He is the founder and creator of TokenTraxx and 8O8 Whisky.
Tommy has spent his life mixing, mixing genres, mixing tunes, mixing whisky, mixing tech.

He believes in Harmony Through Mixology, mixing styles to create something new. He has worked with everyone from Kanye to Kylie. Tommy's work has generated over 4 billion streams and sold over 60 million units.

He loves tech and is a firm advocate of Web3 and the path to true creative freedom. This is mirrored in him founding TokenTraxx, a tech company that looks to innovate every aspect of how we engage with music using Web3 tools


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