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Vertical Lead - BlackPool

YNWA is the Sorare Vertical Lead for BlackPool DAO. YNWA is a NFT gamer and collector who has been involved in crypto since 2018. His passion lies specifically with sports NFTs originating from official IP agreements as well as fan curated art work. Having been the first to discover and start playing Sorare, YNWA has forged an unparalleled track record in the game with 200+ tournament wins and over 850 ETH in prize earnings.

In 2021 YNWA joined BlackPool DAO which is the first community-owned protocol to invest in and actively manage digital assets. For the year 2021 he helped grow the Sorare AUM within the DAO by 1,063.49% in USD.

Blessed with the ability to now consume football on a daily basis and follow his beloved Liverpool around the world, his previous 20 year career as a Financial Advisor allows him to draw on invaluable experience of how humans behave during times of market euphoria and panic.


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