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Alberto Lopez Valenzuela

Founder & CEO - alva

Alberto is the Founder and CEO of alva. For more than twenty-five years, Alberto has worked in business information and analysis firms, developing intelligence solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He held roles in marketing, strategy, and corporate development at a few global companies before founding and serving as CEO at alva.

Over the last 12 years, Alberto has led alva from its inception to becoming the category leader of Stakeholder Intelligence. alva has developed award-winning AI technology to capture the real-time dynamic stakeholder sentiment of 50,000 companies. alva has offices in London, New York and Washington DC and works with some of the largest and most complex global organisations.

Alberto is a published author of the book “The Connecting Leader”, and has been a visiting professor at Bayes Business School. He earned an Executive MBA also at Bayes and holds an honours degree from the University of the Arts London.


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