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Alex Barkaloff

Founding Member, Strategic Marketing & Innovation - X.LA

Alex Barkaloff leads strategic marketing and innovation at X.LA, a Web3 company that emerged from Xsolla, the world’s leading game payments platform provider. X.LA is a decentralized protocol that allows content creators to leverage their IP to profitably participate in the metaverse economy by utilizing revenue-sharing smart contracts.

Prior to X.LA, Alex has been multiplatform entertainment, transmedia and VR content producer for the past twenty-five years. He founded CONTINOUS, a digital ad agency that created award-winning storytelling, social and VR media projects for Infinity China, Cadillac, Audi and Byton, a global EV startup. Also, he worked with leading talent including Tom Hanks, in creating Electric City, Sylvester Stallone, and Heroes creator Tim Kring in TV and digital projects. To this day, a short production became the most-watched branded entertainment content on WeChat, with over 150 million views in the first three days after its drop.

From 2008 to 2012, Alex was the Executive Producer and head of mobile/digital at Lionsgate. There he produced multiplatform, digital series, and breakout extensions to TV shows such as Man MenforNetflix, Hulu, Break and Machinima, along with social and mobile games such as the Dirty Dancing Social Game, which reached a record one million players in less than a month.

Prior roles include Global Operations Manager for Oracle’s Developer Program (US, Ireland, Singapore), Managing Director of Lost Boys Interactive in Poland and Amsterdam and Country Manager in Poland for PSION (the world’s first PDA). He began his career atJPL/NASA as a software engineer for the Planetary Sciences division.


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