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Dorothy Chou

Head of Public Affairs - DeepMind

Dorothy leads Public Affairs at DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company. She has spent her career building social justice, ethics, & accountability structures at technology companies, including the first Transparency Report—an industry-standard that more than 70 technology companies use to show how laws and corporate policies affect free expression and privacy online.

Prior to DeepMind, Dorothy was responsible for policy development at Uber on issues related to consumer protection, safety, & self-driving cars. While there, she started a campaign with civil rights activists on criminal justice reform to help people with low-level misdemeanours on their records find jobs, which resulted in onboarding ~7,000 drivers who previously were unable to drive. She also led corporate communications at Dropbox and worked in various roles across communications and public policy for seven years at Google.

Outside of work, she is working toward a Master’s in Bioethics at the University of Oxford and is an angel investor with Atomico, a leading European venture capital firm. Previously she served on the Board of Directors of Simply Secure, a nonprofit working to make open source security tools more usable and accessible, and was an Adjunct Fellow at the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute. Dorothy holds a B.S. in International Politics from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service.


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