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Fred Langford

Director of Trust & Safety Technology - Ofcom

Fred is Director of Trust & Safety Technology at UK Communications Regulator Ofcom joining in November 2020 and is a highly experienced technology leader. His work predominantly focuses on directing Ofcom's technical requirements in relation to the new UK Online Safety regulatory regime.

Prior to joining Ofcom Fred was Deputy CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and President of INHOPE (International CSEA Hotline Association).

Fred has 30 years of experience across a variety of sectors (Commercial, CSO’s, Military and Regulatory) primarily focusing on the internet, its technology, governance, security, safety and regulation.

Fred is a Board Member of the Video Standards Council which sets PEGI ratings in the UK, a former Chair of the UK Council for Internet Safety, Technical Working Group (UKCIS TWG), Board Member of the UK Home Office Child Abuse Image Database Strategic Group, Member of the National Crime Agency (NCA) Prevent Strategic Board, a founding Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre and is an expert advisor to UK and other Governments, Parliamentarians, The Commonwealth, Police and NGOs.


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