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Jane Reddin

Partner - AlbionVC

As a Partner, Jane helps AlbionVC invest in the best founders by assessing their leadership potential and advises the leadership teams to support and accelerate rapid organisational scaling. Jane supports senior-level hiring, and founder leader development where she helps ensure that the Board is constructed to optimise for growth and facilitates and cascades strategic alignment, by ensuring the organisation and team have the right capabilities to deliver on their growth strategy.

In her 25-year career, Jane has transacted more than 500 senior hires, globally, for disruptive companies, built international and new-market teams inside a startup, hired a fund team and, as an advisor, helped over 150 start-ups build high performing teams.

Prior to joining AlbionVC Jane was a Talent Director at EQT Ventures, Balderton Capital. She co-founded Talent Stack, a talent management consultancy that helps startups hire and manage well. She holds a BA Double Hons French and German from Durham University.


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