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Jeffrey Rayport

Professor - Harvard Business School

Jeffrey Rayport teaches Entrepreneurial Management at Harvard Business School.

Prior to HBS, Rayport was the founder of Marketspace LLC, a digital advisory firm, and co-founder of Monitor Executive Development. He was a senior partner at Monitor Deloitte, and an operating partner at Castanea Partners, a PE firm focused on retail and consumer brands.

Previously, Rayport was a professor at HBS for nearly a decade. While there, he developed the first graduate e-commerce course. Business plans from his course gave rise to start-ups, including Yahoo! He also coined the term “viral marketing,” and he was voted Outstanding Professor for three years in a row by the HBS Students Association.

Rayport has published textbooks on digital strategy (McGraw-Hill) and a bestseller on reinventing service businesses (HBR Press). He has served as a director of over two dozen public and private corporations.


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