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Suzanne Brink Ph.D

IO Psychology Consultant - HireVue

Suzanne Brink, Ph.D., works as IO Psychology Consultant at HireVue where she works directly with customers to implement HireVue’s artificial intelligence (AI-)driven assessment solutions. As part of that role, she addresses HR leaders' questions and educates around the best use of the assessment solutions.

Suzanne’s background is in Social Psychology, in which she gained an M.Phil and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), specialising in social comparison, emotions and motivation. Before joining HireVue, she taught Social Psychology at Oxbridge Academic Programs and gained practical experience in various HR functions in a large multinational company, including in a role focusing on Diversity & Inclusion.

HireVue overview

HireVue is where hiring happens – transforming the way organisations discover, engage, and hire the best talent. Connecting companies and candidates anytime, anywhere, HireVue’s industry-leading end-to-end hiring platform features video interviewing, assessments and conversational AI. HireVue has hosted more than 26 million video interviews and 150 million chat-based candidate engagements for over 800 pioneering customers around the globe, including over 30% of the Fortune 100. Learn more


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