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Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

Founder - Chadari

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq is an Afghan women’s rights activist, public speaker and Afghanistan’s first Schwarzman Scholar. Sveto authored her first publications on women’s rights in Afghanistan when she was only 14 years old, which marked the start of her activism. In 2018, she founded a social enterprise, Ayat, to empower illiterate Afghan women to gain financial independence through fashion.

Experience of living in 6 different countries and witnessing the negative assumptions about life in Afghanistan later inspired Sveto to create a storytelling platform, Chadari, which has gathered 57 volunteers inspired by its mission.

The Chadari Project gives an opportunity for Afghan women to express their opinions and perspectives, talk about their achievements, and share stories of bravery, to show the world that Afghanistan is much more than what can be seen in the media. Her organization also works on education, providing public speaking skills to Afghan youth.

Sveto proudly represents Afghanistan on national and international platforms, including the British Red Cross, UN Women, UNDPPA, UNHCR UK, and SCO, and promotes the unheard experiences of Afghan women. The recently delivered a powerful TEDx talk at TEDxLSE titled 'Untold Truth about Afghan Women'.


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