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Cinema & AI: Crossing the Threshold

We're at a turning point where Generative AI's limitless potential meets cinema. As we navigate this era of rapid innovation, the balance between progress and ethics becomes critical. Join us for enlightening dialogues and live demonstrations, and help shape a transformative, ethically-balanced future for the moving image.

13th September 2023 at Magazine London

Meet the speakers
Cinema & AI: Crossing the Threshold

Cinema is on the cusp of an AI powered revolution that promises to exponentially increase creativity, simplify production, reduce costs, and eliminate tedious tasks.


But this transformation brings forth challenges that we need to address:

  • Ensuring a balanced and equitable industry that respects the rights and roles of all creators, along with adequate consent, compensation, and credit.

  • Scrutinising the data sources AI models learn from, to prevent inadvertent creation or replication of cultural biases, and to accurately represent the breadth of human experience.

  • Navigating the rising sophistication of deep fake technologies, which poses a significant challenge in distinguishing between reality and deception. This calls for increased awareness and education to combat potential misinformation.


Come participate and be at the centre of this conversation at this pivotal juncture in the evolution of cinema.

From Idea to Screen

Discover how generative AI is transforming the film creation process, from the birth of an idea to its presentation to audiences. Join industry pioneers as they delve into key themes:

• Concept to Pre-production: AI is streamlining the journey from idea to plan. Explore tools for enhanced pre-visualization, storyboarding, and project planning that enrich the creative process and foster effective collaboration.

• Blurring the lines of Production and Post-Production: On-set, real-time visual effects technologies and virtual stages are revolutionising workflows and expanding creative possibilities.

• Marketing & Distribution: AI is extending films' lifespan and reach. Learn how advanced analytics, tailored marketing strategies, and efficient translation tools are broadening films' global impact.

The British Lens

Join key figures from the British film industry as they chart a course through the AI revolution.

• Cultivating Talent: Learn how AI tools can empower British creatives, supporting skills development and providing new opportunities.

• AI and Storytelling: Discover how AI is reinforcing uniquely British narratives and creating avenues for spotlighting local stories.

• Policy Challenges: We'll explore the implications of AI within the UK's film policies, including issues of intellectual property, compensation, and data protection.

• Futurescape: We'll discuss potential futures for British cinema in the age of AI, from panellists' hopes to pragmatic predictions.

Reel Ethics

We will explore the ethical implications stemming from the amalgamation of generative AI tools with cinema. Our key areas of focus will include:

• Consent: We'll discuss the importance of obtaining explicit and informed consent when an artist's work or likeness is integrated into AI models.

• Fair Compensation: As AI reshapes traditional compensation models, we'll delve into what constitutes fair remuneration for artists in the AI era.

• Credit: In the context of AI-generated content, we'll examine strategies to ensure artists are appropriately recognized for their contributions.

• Trust and Deep Fakes: We'll consider the impact of deep fake technologies on our trust in media, and discuss methods to counteract these manipulations.

• Cultural Representation: Finally, we'll discuss how AI tools can accurately reflect the diversity of human experiences, and prevent the creation or replication of cultural biases.

Behind the Screens with the Filmmaker
Join trailblazing filmmakers working with generative AI

As they screen their work and give us a peek behind the curtain and share in an exploration of their artistic journey.


Witness exclusive screenings of their work, followed by insightful discussions on how they've leveraged AI to transform their cinematic visions into reality.

From ideation to execution

Gain an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities AI presents in modern filmmaking. This engaging session offers a valuable peek into the future of cinema, highlighting the evolving intersection of creativity and technology.

Whether you're a fellow filmmaker, an aspiring artist, or simply a film enthusiast

This session will provide a rare glimpse into the future of filmmaking, as seen through the eyes of those shaping it.

Beyond Cinema

Delve into the expanding horizons of generative AI as it transcends the realm of cinema and permeates the worlds of advertising and gaming.

In this conversation, we will examine how AI's innovative capabilities are reinventing the advertising industry, personalizing consumer experience and revolutionizing marketing strategies. Additionally, we'll investigate its transformative impact on gaming, enhancing game design, and offering immersive experiences through advanced AI-driven narratives and characters.

Join us in this intriguing exploration as we journey beyond cinema to understand the broader cultural and societal implications of generative AI.

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