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Semi Impact Summit

14th September 2023 at Magazine London

Explore business and investment opportunities, hear about trends relevant to your industry and connect with industry practitioners

CogX Festival in partnership with Semi Impact

Meet the speakers
Semiconductors are empowering technological innovation — learn how at the Semi Impact Summit

Semiconductors are the building blocks of modern technology. These silicon chips are silently driving innovation across all sectors, from healthcare and transformation to communications and AI. Semi Impact, a Summit at the transformational technology festival CogX, will focus on how attendees across industries can leverage the business potential of semiconductors. Industry leaders, investors, policymakers and innovators will convene to share knowledge and forge connections.

You can expect to:

  • Explore how you can get involved in the industry, from learning about business opportunities and partnerships to investment prospects

  • Connect with international experts

  • Engage in discussions on the latest investments, challenges, opportunities and applications in the UK and Taiwan

  • Hear about how Taiwan built out its semiconductor ecosystem

Trends and innovation in semiconductor industry

Semiconductors are already used in countless applications, from industrial equipment and cars to data processing and networking. New technologies will drive even more demand for advanced chips, processors and memory capacity. The industry was valued at $591.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2032. With growth at an unparalleled pace, future opportunities are tremendous.

Semiconductor-related Technology Innovation and Applications in Various Industries

Semiconductors play a pivotal role in driving groundbreaking advancements across sectors. At the Semi Impact Summit, we will comprehensively explore how chips drive key advancements in AI, biotech, space, quantum and cybersecurity.

As these transformative technologies and focus areas unfold, we are seeing a push toward specialised chips tailored to specific applications. Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are gaining prominence, offering optimising performance and power efficiency that drives these new technologies. The push for sustainability across industries, meanwhile, has driven the industry to explore environmentally friendly manufacturing, sustainable supply chain practices and other ESG goals.

We will discuss these trends and others at the Summit, with the goal of driving collaboration and new avenues of innovation.

What to expect at the SEMI IMPACT Summit?
Get cutting-edge insights on semiconductors

Discover the innovations transforming the semiconductor landscape and gain insights on the latest industry trends and market forecasts

Develop new knowledge

Explore the Intersection of Semiconductors with ESG, AI, Space, and other emerging technologies and learn how these applications are revolutionising industries and driving new opportunities

Network with industry leaders, investors and policymakers from the semiconductor industry

Engage with pioneers, experts and thought leaders on the future of semiconductor technologies

Explore business and investment opportunities

Get exposed to global opportunities in Taiwan and UK’s semiconductor industries, with a focus on supply chains and R&D

Learn even more about Taiwan semiconductors at the Expo
Meet experts and discover the latest innovations

Get matched with prospective business partners

Semi Impact can help semiconductor-related businesses expand their global footprint and brand internationally. We can connect you with relevant companies in Taiwan across a range of specialities — from IC design and manufacturing to quality testing and packaging.

Hear about lessons learned from Taiwan’s semiconductor pioneers

Taiwan has established itself as a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation, with a robust ecosystem across research institutions, industry and government support. Semi Impact’s Expo area will allow you the opportunity to hear first-hand about trends, successful strategies, collaboration models, and the advancements that are shaping the industry.

Engage with Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute

At the Expo, we will showcase the latest developments and world-class research from TSRI, a consolidation of Taiwan’s National Chip Implementation Centre and the National Nano Device Laboratories of Taiwan. These organisations conduct groundbreaking research on
new semiconductor applications in artificial intelligence, quantum computers, next-gen magnetic random access memory, high-speed computers, 5G networks and more.

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