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2023 CogX Expo at Magazine London

The Expo features Booths and Pavilions, giving you the opportunity to engage with new connections, share your propositions, arrange meetings and network with your target audience to have the most constructive conversations.

Explore the Expo

Discover, learn from and interact with some of the most disruptive exhibitors, from startups and scale-ups to mature leading enterprises.

Network. Network. Network.

Seize every networking opportunity and chance to connect and collaborate across disciplines, sectors, domains and countries. Make the most of the Festival App’s AI matchmaking function to fill your diary with a week’s worth of meetings in just three days.

Learn from the best

Enjoy some of the content that will be taking place on Stage and within Pavilions across the Expo. 

Note there is very limited Festival Stage content available to Expo & Networking Pass holders so be sure to upgrade your pass to the Standard Festival Pass to access the DeepTech and Industry Transformation Summit and get the full Festival experience.

Stay focused & energised

Keep your energy levels up with tasty food and drink options available at the Expo. Head outside for some street food from specially selected vendors.

The CogX Expo

Presenting an impressive array of the world's most innovative and disruptive startups and scale-ups.

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