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CogX Festival 2023

Our seventh Festival aims to be our biggest AND most inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists to date.
Our goal

To deliver Inclusivity at Scale - Through an expanded Partnerships Programme we will welcome 90,000 visitors over 3 days to hear from over 1,000+ incredible speakers - across stages, including True Industry Transformation, to a dedicated 1,500 seater for Deeptech (not for the faint hearted). 

While at the same time, a new curated Executive programme will provide full event access as well as an exclusive experience in a rich schedule of expertly curated themed side events hosted by both our partners, our community and of course our own editorial team.

Our focus

To help you answer the big question, ‘How do we get the next 10 years right?’. But not just with conversations but with concrete action.

For that reason, CogX 2023 Festival delivers across 5 pillars that make it unique:

Inspirational speakers and content

Through CogX Festival 2023’s curated agenda, we’re offering you the very latest thinking from the brightest minds on 21 stages across 10 core programmes:

The biggest ideas from around the world.

Deeptech - AI, Cyber & Quantum

The next great wave of innovation.

Climate & Future of Energy

Innovation in global sustainability.

The transformation of healthcare and wellness.

Learn from the best and most exciting startups in the world.

True Industry Transformation

The breakthrough tech making the difference.

Web3, Metaverse & Gaming

Reinventing the way we interact with the online world.

Music, Film, Arts & Createch

The intersection of emerging technologies and culture.

Ethics & Society

Making technology and AI fairer for all.

Economy, Future of Work & Education

Reimagining learning, working and economics.

We’ll host over 1,000 speakers who will provide diverse views and deep domain expertise from main stage talks to 20 min keynotes and firesides, to workshops and technical deep-dives.

All our sessions will be tagged into 200 topics so you can create your perfect agenda.

The CogX Global Leadership Summit and Executive Programme.

The most productive way for any senior executive to experience the Festival, combining both the speaker experience, and the opportunity to run your own conversations how and when you want.

Themed Side Events

Our side event venues will be Themed by Topic allowing you to join fellow change makers for a half-day on your chosen subject including an intimate roundtable, and catering service.

Leader Lounge

The Leaders Lounge combining our Chatham House Summit Stage & Speakers Lounge, is the perfect place for serendipitous networking and unrivalled peer insights.

Exclusive Meeting Space

Exclusive Bookable Exec Meeting Space with full catering and table service will be available to all Exec Programme ticket holders.

Festival App

The CogX Festival app will search “recommended for you” or our concierge will help make valuable connections and book 1:1 meetings.

The CogX Expo & Awards

Celebrate the Best Innovation in one place. CogX Expo showcases 1,000 Startups together with scale ups and established enterprises. 


The Expo floor features booths, Pavilions and Expo villages, giving you the opportunity to engage with new connections and have the most constructive conversations. 


CogX’s Startup Programme is the most affordable way to access all the stages, meet customers, investors, the press and fellow founders.

CogX is committed to Action at Scale.

We encourage everyone to seize the opportunity for public engagement and action and make it count. To make that happen we’ve set up idea hubs where anyone can take their thoughts on event content, innovation ideas, public policy, and or vote on other people’s ideas throughout the 3 days of CogX Festival 2023. We call it our “Do Tank”.

We will also post session follow ons with speakers and moderators to invite the audience to contribute to a Policy/Do Tank wall.

Helping you build meaningful relationships and grow revenues

One of the fundamental objectives of CogX. The CogX Festival app uses the latest in machine learning to recommend connections, as well as classic search by name, company and topic.


We avoid spam by filtering for messages from connections you have accepted - making the inbox invaluable, and we provide a huge range of exciting networking and meeting locations depending on your pass type; including 100 restaurants and cafes, the Investor Lounge, the Leaders Lounge or the Gold Lounge - all with bookable tables for 1:1 meetings.

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