About CogX Festival

Founded in 2015 by Charlie Muirhead and Tabitha Goldstaub, CogX Festival brings together the world’s largest gathering of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Artists, Activists & Policy Makers working to realise the biggest transformational opportunities of our time.


Thought provoking, immersive, engaging and inspiring - CogX Festival brings together the most incredible cross sections of society in one place - focused on the overall ambition of ‘how do we get the next 10 years right’

GLS Summit &

Leader Lounge

Our invitation-only Summit convenes leaders from business, government, science and academia to work through solutions to the most important issues facing the world today.


Working Groups

Dedicated to ‘getting the next 10 years right’ by promoting innovative thinking to shape a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable future.

Side Events

Showcasing talent, technology and business to a highly targeted audience. From hosted dinners to content flash talks.


Share ideas and meet future collaborators, investors, business partners or mentors.

CogX Awards 2022

Over the last 5 years, our awards have championed some of the finest practitioners of innovation across the world. Once again, we come together to explore and celebrate those innovators, visionaries, and change-makers who are helping us get the next ten years right. 

“Our mission is to help society realise the biggest transformational opportunities of our time, and address the many complex challenges along the way.”

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Parul Kaul-Green

CFA / Board Member UK Insurtech Board, HM Treasury at Tech Nation

" There is no doubt in my mind that CogX Festival is one of the high points in the European Tech Event calendar. This year was no exception. "

Anna Gyarmati

Digital Project Lead at medDigital

" I must admit that I can’t pick one single moment or session to highlight. For me, it was another whole day of intense inspiration, meeting some of the most amazing people and just in general, immersing myself in the joys of an in-pe