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08:45 - 09:00

15 June

Samsung KX

Day 3: Opening Remarks

Day 3 of of the Global Leadership Summit will be introduced by CogX CEO, Charlie Muirhead.

Charlie Muirhead is the CEO and Co-Founder of CogX, which brings together Global Leaders, the Technology Industry and the Public at scale to help discuss and address the biggest transformational opportunities of our time. He has spent 20 years building innovative, data-driven technology businesses and investment networks.

Charlie founded Orchestream in 1996 aged 21, and took it to a £1 billion market cap Nasdaq IPO just four years later, before being acquired by Oracle. He has set up a total of eight startups across telecoms, IT outsourcing, live and on-demand video production, influencer and social media marketing, and now research and market intelligence – resulting in 3 IPOs and 2 trade sales.

Charlie was recognised by TIME, named the European Technology Forum’s Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in March 2004, and selected twice as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Charlie Muirhead

Founder & CEO - CogX


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