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The CogX Expo "The best innovation in one place"

10,000 sqm of expo to showcase the most innovative, disruptive startups and scale-ups in the world.

Our goal

To celebrate and support innovation from startups to scale-ups to established enterprises

Startup Benches

CogX’s Startup Programme is the most affordable way to access all the stages - and meet customers, investors, the press and fellow founders. 

It includes a Startup Bench, company profile & logo on the CogX website & Festival app, opportunity to enter the CogX Awards 2024 and much more...

Expo Booths

From small booths to huge Pavilions with their own stage, to your own Expo Village - CogX Expo spaces are a blank canvas to suit everyone and all budgets, and maximise engagement.

Small Space

The Small Booth, is perfect for 1:1 meetings with potential customers or a demo. Includes a listing in the app

Standard Space

Our Standard Space is a great way to showcase your brand, services, products. Includes marketing package and 6 Festival passes

Large Space

The Large Space gives you the flexibility to run side events, demos and meetings concurrently and includes the marketing package for activation, and 40 Festival passes.

Pavilions - Your Own Event Within The Festival

Take complete control over a large space and to run your own stage with a 10m x 10m pavilion space. All our pavilions come with 125 festival passes at different tiers.

Full Stage Setup

Use the full Pavilion space as a Stage, with seating for up to 100 and curate your own content agenda on the topics that matter to you

Half Stage, Half Networking

This multi-purpose setup gives you almost the best of both - a stage to share your agenda and space for networking and demos

Full Networking/Demo

If your focus is on something more interactive then use the full Pavilion space more creatively to deliver on your key objectives

Hackathon @ The CogX Expo

CogX is committed to action at scale. Our 100sqm Hackathon space helps you to find solutions to real challenges by delivering a creative space that encourages teams of diverse innovators to meet, to answer a defined challenge, hacking together solutions.

Hackathon Support - Work with us to define, plan and run your hackathon

Branding & Marketing - Create In-room branding and pre-event marketing

Full Tech & AV - Use of inhouse projector, wifi, sound system and lighting. Our technical team onsite to assist with any needs

Expertly Designed & Furnished - A versatile space that can be set up in a number of formats with use of our existing furniture & templates

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