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All Festival ticket holders (excluding Expo & Networking) have access to the DeepTech Summit. The DeepTech Summit will take place at indigo at The O2.

AI & DeepTech Summit

With talks from visionary leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs, the AI & DeepTech Summit offers insight into transformative technologies

AI & DeepTech Summit Speakers
Summit Speakers

Euro Beinat

Global Head Data Science and AI, Prosus

Ilana Wisby

CEO, Oxford Quantum, Circuits Limited

Pablos Holman

GP (Hacker, inventor, futurist), Deep Future

Si-Hui Tan

Chief Science Officer, Horizon Quantum Computing

Tina Woods

Founder & CEO, Collider Health

Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

Partner, Analyst & Investor, Lunar Ventures

Amy Challen

GM Artificial Intelligence, Shell

Stef van Grieken

Co-founder & CEO, Cradle

Insight into transformative technologies from AI to Atoms to BioTech

The CogX AI & DeepTech Summit is the first of its kind, bringing together leading speakers from across the industry to discuss recent developments in AI, quantum, biotech and other transformative tech fields.

Across three themed days the focus is to anticipate, analyse and discuss what's on everybody's mind: the world-changing qualities of emerging technologies and how these can impact how we get the next 10 years right.

The CogX AI & DeepTech Summit will take place at the Indigo at the O2, London, from 12th to 14th September and will bring together the world's foremost scientists, researchers and visionaries. They will present their cutting edge research, the latest technical developments and the essential techniques for safe and responsible deployment.

  • Addressing some of the most cutting-edge areas in AI research right now

    Day 1: AI - 12th September

    The DeepTech Summit AI Day will focus on topics such as artificial general intelligence (AGI), Federated AI, Larger Convolutional Language Models, vision-based detection and multimodal analysis of human behaviours, Generalization and transfer learning, Approximate computing and AI and scientific discovery.

  • Learn about the advances in biotech, neuroscience and the future of health

    Day 2: BioTech - 13th September

    Learn about the advances in biotech, neuroscience and the future of health, including synthetic biology, biosensing and bioinformatics, gene synthesis and manipulation technologies, nanobiotechnology, brain-computer interfaces at scale, neuromorphic computing and more.

  • Explore the world of quantum, material science and transformative tech

    Day 3: Atoms - 14th September

    Hear from leading experts who will be exploring the advances in quantum technology, dual-use tech, robotics, space tech and more and how they can solve some of the most challenging problems humanity faces.

  • Practical demonstrations of new technology

    Masterclasses & Technical Sessions

    Masterclasses and Technical Sessions will give practical demonstrations of new technology and the skills that will be needed to adapt.

Key Sessions
Key Sessions
Who will own the new operating system of the world?

Hugging Face – sometimes called the GitHub of AI - offers solutions and tools for developers and researchers and is one of the fastest-growing open-source projects. With an open-source library called Transformers, they provide access to state-of-the-art pre-trained models and are on a journey to advance and democratise NLP for everyone.

AI is on its way to becoming the operating system of the world. What are the most important decisions regarding open source and licensing? How are these connected to technological advances?

• Thomas Wolf - Co-founder and CSO, Hugging Face
Synthetic biology: A new approach to computation and intelligence

The human neuron is self programming, infinitely flexible, the result of four billion years of evolution. An organic mind is a better learner than any digital model. Cortical Labs fuses brain cells with computing chips, resulting in a proto-AGI device. Their experimental DishBrain shot to prominence after it was taught to play the computer game Pong.

So Cortical Labs is starting with the neuron, replacing decades of algorithms with millions of years of evolution. What happens as these native intelligences solve the problems we’d previously left to software?

• Hon Weng Chong - Founder & CEO, Cortical Labs
An ode to mitochondria

Our planetary house is on fire, and so are we. This internal energy crisis is not just metaphorical, but brutally literal. Levels of cellular inflammation in our body are at an all-time high, fueling astronomical rates of physical and mental disease, while affecting our decision-making to reach our planetary sustainability targets.

In this talk, we will explore the empirical connection between personal and planetary health, inner and outer sustainability, and look through the lens of mitochondria - a deep technology already at work within us - to help us get the next 10 years right.

• Parneet Pal - Physician-Educator & Founder, Systematically Well Advisory Inc.
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